Rio Vista Mission House Almost Finished!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Ministry website for North Coast Missionary Services.  Our Non-Profit Corporation is very new in the Mission Field in the Dominican Republic.  New but well within God’s perfect timing for all the work which must be done.  This Ministry is dedicated to the Glory of God our Father, the sufficient Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the comforting ministry of the Holy Spirit who dwells in each of His people who serve in Mission Fields in His name.

The Rio Vista Mission House is a primary stay facility for Mission Teams who wish to experience a private, Christ centered environment while working in The Real God Market of the Mission Field in the D.R.

Our facility provides accommodations, all meals, and a secure environment for teams and leaders to facilitate their Mission Field experience.

Bless you as you bless our Ministry with your welcome assistance to this extensive Mission Field that God has brought us into.

Michael and Laura Boisclair

Directors NCMS, Operators Rio Vista Mission House.


Donations can be receipted through our partners at Bridges of Hope, please help us as we continue to build this Mission House for His people!



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